If a wrap can’t be too big for you, if you’re looking to create an heirloom blanket, if you like nearly mindless hours of knitting, then Colossus might be right for you. The one pictured here weighs 980g. That’s a total of 9.8 skeins of glorious, magnificent, deliriously-handed fingering weight yarn.

The pattern is currently free as a Ravelry download you can get by clicking Download Now

This is a guide more than a pattern. I’ve included the sources of the two lace stitches I used. Feel free to ad-lib. If you want to do this in Frost Flower and Acorn with an Oak Leaf border, then you should. The second part of the guide is intended to help you decide how much yarn you’ll need, and how many different colors you’ll need to make a wrap or shawl or table runner or wall piece or whatever you want to make.

The details about size, color, shape, and ultimately function are left to the knitter to decide. One place to start is your stash. If that’s too daunting, check out some of these combinations as another possible place to start. Your LYS owner can help you choose a gradient that’s exactly to your liking. If they don’t carry our yarns yet, there are a couple of shops who also operate a mail order side of their business and of course, we do.

I’ve started a topic on Ravelry for Colossus. Feel free to read along and participate as you feel, but it’d be a great place to share your color ideas for reactions, suggestions and encouragement from others.