If you’d like to carry our yarns in your brick and mortar retail shop, the process is easy, and we’d love to help you get there. Please fill out the information in the registration form below.  Your password will be auto generated and mailed to you, but you can change it when you log in. When we’ve verified that you are a brick and mortar shop, you’ll gain access to the wholesale side of the website.

We want to make ordering from us both fast and pleasant. The simplest and fastest way to order is to use the Wholesale Order Sheet on this site which allows you to see a thumbnail of the color, quantity in stock, price, and a check box to add things to your cart without going to the cart page each time.  There are no minimum order restrictions of any kind, but discounts on larger orders apply.  You may order just what you feel comfortable buying as often as makes sense for your business model.

In stock orders are shipped within 2 carrier business days; back orders are not accepted.  Shipping is actual shipping cost; there is no handling charge or packing fee.